AAGT Scholarship Application

           for the AAGT Bi-Annual Conference 2018



 Radical Respect: Contemporary Gestalt Therapy in Troubled Times
 August 14th-19th, 2018

AAGT is very proud of its tradition of helping persons who need financial assistance to participate in AAGT events: biennial, regional and research conferences, and the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Through the use of the Scholarship Fund we have, over the years, enabled many persons from many countries to join us to the immeasurable enrichment of both recipients and the organization.

The criteria which the scholarship committee will consider include the following: financial need, ethnic diversity, geographic diversity, student status, new practitioner status, potential conference presenter, as well as unique circumstances. We also consider your specific expenses based on travel distance, etc. After giving us the demographic information requested, please write in 150 words or less your interest in attending, your connection to gestalt therapy and in what ways you reflect our eligibility criteria.

Confidentiality: please note that your name will be known only to the AAGT Scholarship Fund committee and one person from the conference organizing committee.

The AAGT Scholarship Fund is primarily derived from voluntary contributions. The committee has a limited resources and must budget. It may not be able to meet the demand.

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