Call for  Process Groups Facilitators:


PROCESS GROUPS  are a unique and dynamic aspect of AAGT’s conferencing and will be an integral part of our 2018 Conference in Toronto. Process Groups embody the organizing principles of Gestalt therapy and integrate Its theory and practice in the conference setting. They contribute to the on-going creation of the conference as an organically emerging here-and-now experiences which puts  process and program in a co-creating relationship.

Process groups are not a therapy group and facilitating is different from leading a therapy group. Each Process group has two facilitators who guide, support and encouraged conference participants to share their experiences of workshops, plenary presentations, professional and social encounters and explore the unique meaning and value of the conference for them. In this way Process groups become a microcosm of the conference as well as being an intimate place where participants meet in a small groups where they can share thoughts and feelings that are emerging in their personal interactions.

To organize the Process Groups we need your help. This is an opportunity and a challenge for about 60 volunteers, both experienced and less experienced to be involved in the important and responsible task facilitating a Process groups. Many of you have done this before and we ask you to consider doing it again. Those who have not had the experience of facilitating a Process group we encourage you to participate in this enriching, unique experience.

We are planning an orientation for facilitators on Wednesday afternoon 2:00 – 4:00 PM and will offer guidance and support as needed throughout the conference.

If you are willing to offer your help to co-facilitate a Process group as a volunteer you need to register on the conference registration form.

If you have any questions about anything to do with Process Group Facilitation please contact:

Nives Vrecic Lorbek at

Warm regards,

The Process Group Committee

Co-Chairs: Nives Vrecic Lorbek, Claudia Fernandez , Diane Gibfried, Luisa de Amaral;

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